Pricing:  All pricing is for one defendant, if there are more than one defendant please let us know that up front so we can quote a price accordingly.

We accept – Cash, Check and Major Credit Cards

Normal/Routine Serve  – $65.00 for 4 attempts

Substituted Service/Diligence Report – $15.00/report/mailing.  This is when we are able to serve someone other than the defendant (this is not true on all documents just some), if we end up sub-serving than the court requires a diligence report and a mailing to the address of sub-service was done.  If you don’t provide two copies than there is an additional charge of .50/page depending of the size of documents for the mailing.

Rush Serve   – $130.00 for 4 attempts

Special Handling – add $65.00 to the normal pricing ~ example’s would be like you are requiring certain times that we are to attempt or certain days that we are to attempt.

Stake Outs– There is a two hour minimum per location and that is $100.00/hr

Postal Checks – $25.00 per search

Fee Advance – 10% of the amount of advancement

Faxing/Emailing – If you don’t want to snail mail the document you are welcomed to fax or email them at .50/per page.

Copies – .50/page ~This is when you don’t provide two copies and we end up sub-serving and have to do a mailing, we then need to make copies to mail out to the defendant.

Mailing’s – $15.00 – This is when we have to mail out a copy of the documents to the defendant due to do a sub-serve.

Mobile Notary Only – $45.00/trip and appointment fee, $15.00/notarization – we provide mobile notary only, and we do specialize in mortgage documents.