General Information:

Normal Serve – this is when we receive a job that has a court date set out or no court date that gives us plenty of time to get the legal documents to the intended.  We make 4 attempts for one charge.

Rush Serve– this is when there is a week or less to get the documents to the  intended and special attention is required on the process servers end.  We make 4 attempts for one charge

Then you ask “what happens after the 4 attempts and they weren’t served?”, unfortunately we need to be paid again for additional attempts.

Completion – Once we have had the opportunity to serve the legal documents we then prepare the “Proof of Service”, once prepared we will mail out to you and it’s your responsibility to file with the appropriate court in a timely manner.

Payments – All payments are due in advance unless other arrangements have been made.

Hours of Process Serving – we serve documents from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. and we work 7 days a week.  This is where hiring a process server differs from using the Sheriff’s department, they only serve on certain days and usually don’t do any serving after 4:00 pm.  So you can spend your money more wisely with a process server than using your local sheriff’s department.